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    Nicor Gas Utility Information Request Form

    The Chamber along with Rock River Energy Services will be hosting special Gas Share Program Renewal Workshops on December 14th located at the Stephenson County Farm Bureau, 210 West Spring Street in Freeport from 7:30 am or 12 pm. We will be discussing the results from the first year of the Gas Share Program, answering questions, taking enrollments for 2017 and presenting information on the Gas Share Renewal program in detail!
    Special Guest Marni Henert from Rock River Energy Services

    Don't forget to bring a copy of your current gas bill to the Workshops!

    For more information on the Chamber's Gas Share Program 

    contact Marni Henert at Rock River Energy Services 815.732.4603

  • The Freeport Chamber of Commerce along with Rock River Energy Services is announcing a new program for its members and affiliates. The Freeport Chamber of Commerce along with Rock River Energy Services is announcing a new program for its members and affiliates.


    This new program is called GasShare. It is for commercial gas customers that want to reduce or control their costs and budgets for their natural gas purchases. This new program will be the first of its kind in Illinois. With the recent popularity of Electrical Aggregation in communities in Illinois, and the State Legislature failing to pass a bill which would allow natural gas customers to aggregate together in municipalities for purchasing power, the Chamber wants to develop a program for its members.

    Value Added Benefits include:

    Members will be able to purchase natural gas at rates below direct offers from suppliers. Fixed pricing at this time is very attractive as the gas market has continued to fall over the past year. 

    On the Nicor Delivery portion of the bill, each member’s bill will be audited to ensure they are getting the proper customer charge on the correct rate, they have the right meter size, and they are getting the state tax benefits if they qualify. 

    Audits have shown many smaller customers do not know what they are paying for natural gas since most bills continue to come from Nicor. In addition, many suppliers have locked in customers into a rate years ago when natural gas prices were a lot higher. These just roll over year after year. Now is an opportunity to have your bills reviewed with a minimum amount of your time invested. 

    Cost of the Program: 

     There is no cost or fee to join the GasShare program.  Members who select the market index rate have the ability to terminate the program at any time without penalty if you are dissatisfied.    Members who select a fixed rate program would be subject to a $50 early termination fee.

    Joining the program is easy, just fax in a copy of your Natural Gas bill to the Chamber along with the Nicor Gas usage permission form.  (These forms are available from the Chamber and Rock River Energy Services) 

    An audit will be performed with no obligation to join.

    Why would a Chamber GasShare program work?

    Much like electrical aggregation, suppliers are able to obtain a large group of customers at one time, and it vastly decreased their acquisition costs.  Thus, they are more aggressive and are able to offer leaner prices than customers can achieve on their own.  These cost savings are passed onto the end user. 

    Larger Chamber Members

    Chamber members that use higher volumes of natural gas can also benefit from this program.  The same audits performed for the smaller customers can be performed.  Customers tend to focus on the “supply” portion of the bill, not the delivery section.  In addition, customers tend to roll over their natural gas contracts year after year and don’t stay current with costs on both portions of the bill.  Buying strategies can be developed with a third party that is focused solely for the customer s benefit, not the supplier.  Any member that uses over 50,000 therms of natural gas a year will receive a custom price.

    About Rock River Energy Services:  RRES worked with the Rockford Chamber to develop the successful Powershare electrical program.  In addition they have worked with over 120 governmental units with electrical aggregation.  They have built relationships with many electrical and gas suppliers for the purpose of obtaining best energy and gas prices for their customers.  

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