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    A Great Place to Call Home

    A recent visitor to Freeport commented, "You have excellent quality of life here." How is quality of life measured? Is it measured in square miles of land devoted to parks? Does the quality of life scale tally up creative ventures in the arts, such plays, musicals, dance recitals, and shows given by artists and artisans? Do sporting events, shopping opportunities, PTO's, community service organizations and church services factor into quality of life?

    If you are thinking about Freeport as a place to raise your family, start a new business or retire, come visit us and check out our quality of life. You'll see for yourself how much Freeport has to offer!

    Listed below is information on the Freeport Area.  Everything from Landlords, Schools, Daycare providers, Local Utilities, etc.  If you have any questions please give us a call (815) 233-1350 or email us at freeportareachamber@freeportilchamber.com.  We will be happy to help.


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